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[QUOTE=ofvergara][COLOR="#B22222"]hi Malcolm,
i believe i am out of luck.

even though i purchased a 3-year subscription for patches and upgrades, i see that for sled11sp4 it fully stopped in july 2016 as announced in the EOL, however, for sles11sp4, i noticed they are still producing patches. for me it’s not fair because i invested some money into receiving support for my favorite distribution. anyways, that’s life, sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.

also, i tried searching the source dvd you were mentioning on the SCC, and i can’t seem to find it. it all points now to sled12sp2.

check the attached images (the links to them actually).

thank you for your kind help today.

my subscription:!AgW_un_zb1b-gRZa99q6IG-tsGpu

sled11sp4 no patches :frowning:!AgW_un_zb1b-gRTkQaXTCEsCjO7Y

sles11sp4 being patched up constantly :frowning:!AgW_un_zb1b-gRXjSiGxrQyz5nfr
Yes, SLED is EOL, but SLES is going for longer since it’s a server…


SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 SP4 15 Jul 2015 31 Mar 2019(GENERAL) 31 Mar 2022 (LTSS)

So is your system 64bit capable, because SUSE only supports 64bit now?