how to expand default size of sda2 partition

I installed OES 2 SP 3 on SUSE 10 SP4. After installation I tried to extend max size of Linux system partition sda2. Max size is 14.9 GB and I have a few hundreds GB unpartitioned space on sda. I’d like to expand sda2 up to 100GB. I tried to use LVM and EVMS tools, neither one worked for me. So, my question is can I expend sda2 during or after installation SUSE.
I posted the same question on Novell’s website.

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As long as the gap between sda2 and sdaN is free you should be able to
do it via YaST partitioner? Perhaps if you post the output from the

fdisk -l /dev/sda

By far better to set your partitons during install, however for
OES/SLES your far better to wait for a reply there…

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