Change default Rancher Route 53 behavior?

By default, rancher r53 creates the dns records: =<serviceName>.<stackName>.<environmentName>.<yourHostedZoneName>

which is fine for lower level env…but for production grade, this doesnt seem to be all that user friendly. especially when you add a load balancer your fqdns becomes:

is there a way to specify a DNS for a specific service?

i.e for a service/stack named my-loadbalancer.myapp, i want the dns to be

The intention is that external-dns manages a single subdomain with auto-generated names, and then you can CNAME those to whatever human-friendly names you want. So you create a record for CNAME

This has advantages like the Rancher code can be given restricted access to only a single subdomain (and therefore can’t break unrelated potentially important things like, and that you don’t need to give it multiple credentials to manage DNS entries for different domains that may live in multiple accounts and providers.

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