Firefox 45 (or newer) available for SLED11SP4?


Is ‘Firefox 45 esr or newer’ available for SLED11SP4?
The latest Firefox version is 38.7 (SUSE released it on 15-3-2016) that i see in the SMT Repository:
[INDENT]Mar 15 2016 MozillaFirefox-38.7.0esr-37.3.i586.rpm[/INDENT]

Unfortunately I don’t see newer versions in the repository.

NCC/SCC mirror credential is valid.
The mirroring is enable and runs everyday. (I don’t see any errors)

Thanks for your advice

General support for SLED 11 SP4 finished at the end of March 2016, so no more updates…

SLES 11 SP4 ends in 2019 which still has updates…

bad news…
Thanks the answer.