how to install latest firefox+thunderbird on sled11sp3

hello guys,

i am using sled11sp3 and currently using firefox esr v17.0.4; however, the latest version so far is v33 as shown in mozilla’s website.
i would like to install/update firefox+thunderbird on my machine, preferably using suse rpm’s for my sled version; however, i’m fearful of dependencies and i am reluctant of using the tar.gz version, since this means that i will have 2 firefox instances in my pc and not sure whether this may cause some problem in the future.

unfortunately, i don’t own a novell subscription for updates.

can you please show me step by step the processes i have to do in order to update to the latest web browser?

or, should i subscribe to this repository instead?

thank you for providing your hints!

(on a side note, i love gnome 2.28; i don’t like gnome3 interface at all and i see it’s the default desktop environment on sled12, so i’ll stick with sled11 sp3 → sp4 and beyond for a few more years)

Since your not accessing updates, aside from the fact that your running
an old version of firefox, the underlying system is probably far more
vulnerable, shellshock, poodle etc…

SP3 runs 24.8.0 ESR at the moment, so anything beyond that would be a

So, have you tried the SLED 12 classic interface, it’s not bad? There
are numerous extensions available at to
tweak it…

Why not give it a whirl, you can always look at an SP4 later?

The other option is openSUSE 13.1 which will go evergreen (LTS), 13.2
has just been released as well. You then have access to many DE’s KDE4,

What is your system hardware, RAM etc?

Cheers Malcolm °¿° LFCS, SUSE Knowledge Partner (Linux Counter #276890)
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[COLOR="#800000"]hi Malcolm,
thanks for your reply. i’m having second thoughts in reinstalling another operating system right now (don’t have much free time lately to go ahead and experiment with this). i just reinstalled sled11sp3 a couple a months ago when i trashed sled11sp2 and now i finally have it the way i want it.

i have checked photos/screenshots of sled12 & opensuse 13 (as a matter of fact, my brother uses opensuse13) and i still don’t see myself using the new gnome any time soon (call me old fashioned). i haven’t tried the gnome classic mode, though.

i own a dell laptop l502x, 4gb ram, 750gb hard disk drive (win7, win xp, sled11sp3) with hybrid nvidia/intel video card managed by bumblebee (using the old init, not systemd). the only issue i have with sled11sp3 that did not happen that often with sled11sp2 is the hibernation part. sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t and i have to turn it off the hard way; but that’s off-topic.

the question is, by using that repository, should i get a good firefox version?
i see some discrepancies with the version numbering system when inspecting the files inside that repository and i don’t want to harm my current installation.

waiting for your advice.
thank you.

My concern is the other vulnerabilities your system may have… I’ve asked one of my fellow KP’s to jump into the thread, he has had some experience using the later gz versions with SLE.

There are various ways you can go about getting a newer Firefox and installing Thunderbird but honestly, I don’t think it’s worth going to to them. You should either buy a subscription for SLED or stop using it.

SLED is great if you want a stable version of Linux with long term support and are willing to pay for updates. If you are not going to buy a subscription it just isn’t sensible to use it. By running SLED without a subscription you’re subjecting yourself to all the risks that come with running an OS that never gets updates installed. If you had a subscription you wouldn’t have Firefox ESR 17.

If you’re not going to buy a subscription for SLED, switch to openSUSE. 13.2 gets released tomorrow.

Regarding GNOME 3, look at the GNOME Classic variant. It gives you the benefits of GNOME 3 without the frustration of there being nothing familiar on the screen. (Last I checked, GNOME Classic isn’t installed by default on openSUSE but you can get it by installing the gnome-shell-classic package.) If you really can’t get on with GNOME 3 even in Classic, check out XFCE which is included in the main openSUSE repos. There’s also MATE which is a continuation of GNOME 2 but requires adding additional repos.

The openSUSE forums are at and you can use the same username and password you use to post here to post there. Info about Bumblebee, which I see you’ve previously asked about is at