Install Firefox 19 on SLED 11 SP2


I need to Install Firefox 19 on SLED 11 SP2, however cannot find any insight online to do so. I want to avoid if possible using source code, however open to the idea if there is no other way. I currently have Mozilla Firefox 10 but there must be a way to get higher versions.

Why Firefox 19? The versions currently supported by Mozilla are Firefox ESR 24 and Firefox 26. ESR is Extended Support Release. ESR releases are what are currently provided in SLED.

SLED SP2 will go End Of Life very soon. If you update to SP3 you will get Firefox 24 ESR along with it.

The version of Firefox currently provided for SP2 is 17 ESR. Assuming your machine is properly registered and has access to update repos you should get 17ESR just by installing all outstanding updates. Have you not been installing updates?

You can download a .tar.bz2 of Firefox 19 and every other version from you simply unpack it and then run it.

I needed 19 to simulate the customer environment, I have been able to get 19 on the machine since then by downloading 19 from the above repo and replacing it in turn with the preinstalled firefox version.