Update docker image without changing tag

What is the best way to update an image in rancher without having to use a different tag?

I am testing my application with an alpha tag. However when I push a new version of the same tag on the registry, and recreate the service in Rancher, the new image is not pulled.

I see from 1874 that the feature request has been made.

This is very useful for some of our development steps. What is your suggestion to handle this scenario at the current stage?

Currently, the only workaround would be to go directly to the hosts and pull the docker image. After the image has been pulled, the cleanest way would probably be to “upgrade” your service using rancher-compose, which would essentially launch all new containers using the same image (if you didn’t want to change the tag).


Right now there is the new rancher-compose pull command, however it says the image cannot be found for private images, is that expected?

No, it’s expected to work. I’ve tagged your issue in Github as a bug and we will hope to fix it in the next release.

Has this been fixed, I would like to manually pull the new image when ready, since our stack launches every hour for 5 min then shut down. We currently have the image being pull every time it starts the instance but we are seeing bandwidth cost.

It sounds like you are looking for: