Free available SLES Environment for Development / Testing?


I’m in a current project where I have to develop some system scripts for SLES and Red Hat(RHEL).
For Red Hat there is the nearly identical CentOS for the corresponding version (RHEL 5.x = CentOS 5.x).

Is there an open source equivalent option for the different version of SLES too where I can do development
and testing and can transfer to SLES expecting nearly the same environment, or do I have to have SLES?

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Ok. I checked it for myself.

[] Wikipedia states that openSuSE leap is for SLES what CentOS is for Red Hat. If that’s correct, that answers my question.
] another option is to directly use SLES, which is available as 60-days-demo unlimited usable but without support/updates

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You can get a one year free developer license for SLES, SLE is the base for openSUSE but you should have no issues with scripts, your own systemd services etc working between the two.