GCE image still considered beta / non production ready?

After running rancherOS < 1.0 under AWS for quiet a while, and also on a baremetal, i created a GCE image from the current 1.0.1LTS release to run on GCE ( pre-production staging ).

Thinks went quiet smooth actually. After the start, i configured device resize / hostname and then added the host to the rancher-server and thats it.

Reading https://docs.rancher.com/os/running-rancheros/cloud/gce/ i see, that things have been really put together quiet nicely - yet there is not rancheros release in GCE.

I cannot recall where, i though it was on the linked page, there was something like “there are known issues with GCE, please do not use in production” - i jus cannot recall where i have read this. Is this information outdated - how stable is it to run rancheros under GCE ?

Could not find anything in the forum yet, so i though asking this would help a bunch of people


I’d love to hear from others too - we feel its been working well for quite a while.

I kinda would love to know what you mean by “yet there is not rancheros release in GCE”

I’ve only seen higher performance & stability going from AWS to GCE (or Azure for that matter).
It’s amazing how slow AWS can be (especially using EBS EC2 options).

There’s only 1 EC2 hardware class worth looking at is the i3 line.
They feature NVMe storage options competitively priced at about 0.5TB, 1.0TB, and 1.9TB sizes.

I built a chart benchmarking observed Network & Disk throughput against their monthly cost: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1qQ62m1RFj73YScdS77Q9R2GpRqJOk7JHuTEOFDR4jJE/pubhtml?gid=248027657&single=true

I’ll publish a related article on my blog this month.