Rancher Release

I am impressed with Rancher features but I would like to know following points.

  1. When we will have stable version as I know this is still beta? (because for our infrastructure we can not use beta version)
  2. I am more interested about convoy snapshot mechanism so can i take a snapshot of volume using rancher gui also.
  3. Can rancher also work with mesos?
  4. If I want to use ceph as a storage so rancher has support of this storage or any plan?

Hi Ashish,

Thanks for trying out Rancher and providing feedback. Here are answers to your questions:

  1. We are planning to GA 1.0 in Q1 2016. We are wrapping up a dozen or so minor features which should complete mid Jan and planning to spend time on our bug backlogs and executing more performance/scale/longevity tests.
  2. We are still debating whether to add snapshot and backup support of Convoy into Rancher before we go 1.0 GA. Look for the updates on the link I provided above if we decide to add this.
  3. In what way would you like to see Rancher work with Mesos? With Docker Machine dynamic plugin support, we do plan on adding Mesos support driver at some point post 1.0 GA as a “Machine option” but not sure if that’s what you would like to see as an integration point. Or would you like to see Mesos as a scheduler/service discovery engine replacement similar to Kubernetes?
  4. Ceph and Nexenta are storage services we are considering but nothing set in stone yet. In all likelihood, they would be something we would add post 1.0 GA.

Hi Will,

Thank you very much for your reply.
Actually I am looking for more optimized and efficient open source tool which can handle following issues when I want to move for continuous deployment and integration environment using docker, Jenkins, git etc.

  1. I need to minimize servers so I will have few high end servers(5 or 6 servers rather than 150 servers) which must be utilized more efficient way. Right now we have so many servers but all are not utilized properly. It must be ensured also zero down time, load balancing, health checking, email notification (if something going wrong in configured servers) etc.
  2. I am looking for efficient storage in terms of cost also because I am planning to make a snapshot of volume according to application release and test performed on using released version.
  3. GUI for handling user administration and give access of docker container, docker’s native support, volume snapshot, backup,restore also.
  4. Less learning curve so anyone can use within a minimum time frame.
  5. Support of private repository (like nexus 3) for pushing and pulling images.
    As I know rancher supports all features except first issue how it will handle resources of machines and you already mentioned about Convoy. It will be really very good if you can give support of volume snapshot, backup and restore using gui. Mesos is very good in resource handling so I was looking whether rancher has support of this kind of features. Marathon is another option for frameworks but it does not have advance features which rancher has already.

Best Regards,

Hi Will,

I unable to check your mentioned link (minor features).


@ashish.mishra I’ve updated the minor features link to the correct one.