Global DNS problem

I am having a problem with the Global DNS. Anyone with success here?

I am currently using Route 53 but no new dns record is being generated in Route 53.

Is there something I am missing here? Or is there a way to debug this?

Thank you

It’s working for me, the steps I followed

  1. Please keep in mind that local rancher cluster must be enabled (you can check this via helm or in rancher UI is the cluster called “local”)
  2. Create a route 53 integration in Global DNS Providers, in my case route53 (I also tested manually with awscli if my user had access to my zone in route53, just to make sure)
    3.Create an entry in “Global DNS entries” (for exemple: somednshost )
  3. In your ingress deploy entry (rancher calls it “load balancing” tab), you must have rancher annotation, for example:

key value somednshost

You can check you app log

if you run
kubectl get pods -A

You going to see an app like this:
cattle-global-data systemapp-hmg–rancher-external-dns-7ccbcc4484-5fvnj (it always refer to integration name that you choose)

You can run
kubectl logs systemapp-hmg–rancher-external-dns-7ccbcc4484-5fvnj -n cattle-global-data

And see whats going on.

Here’s the doc:

Hope that’s help you.


Alberto Viana