Rancher Global DNS with multiple cluster by fleet

Hi, i have a problem to create DNS global entry to pods on the workloads deployed by fleet (deployed to multiple cluster).

Reproduce :

  • Rancher UI with local cluster : 1 server with ip (
  • Rancher cluster A : 1 server with ip (
  • Rancher cluster B : 1 server with ip (

  1. Insert A record to to cadabra.id (cloudflare) and add subdomain test.cadabra.id or wildcard *.cadabra.id to cloudflare with A record
  2. Setup Global DNS Provider with cloudflare (root domain cadabra.id)
  3. Deployed nginx app with fleet to multiple cluster (cluster A and cluster B)
  4. Create ingress to nginx app with annotation rancher.io/globalDNS.hostname = test.cadabra.id
  5. Created Global DNS Entry to test.cadabra.id
  6. If i access to test.cadabra.id = always displayed rancher UI, not my applications.

Detail picture is post on my github gist, because limitation from rancher forums : rancher-global-dns.md · GitHub

Any suggest to fix my problem?

Anyone can help me please?