Glusterfs catalog service

i did a try on deploying a glusterfs service from catalog using the os-vagrant project and the last version of rancher (0.46) and hit a couple of issues:

  1. By default fuse module is not loaded in RancherOS

  2. Install fails with:
    Traceback (most recent call last): File "/var/lib/cattle/pyagent/cattle/", line 280, in get_command_output return check_output(*args, **kw) File "/var/lib/cattle/pyagent/cattle/", line 337, in check_output raise e1 CalledProcessError: Command '['/var/lib/cattle/', u'host-iptables', u'host-routes']' returned non-zero exit status 28 2015-11-23 14:01:45,476 ERROR root [140513824353328] [] error from callback <function on_error at 0x7fcbec6402a8>: ('Received websocket error: [%s]', error(110, 'Connection timed out'))

Any recommendations on how to resolve this?

br hw

Similar problem here. Deployed latest Rancher to a vSphere environment tother with 2 host VMs. Creating a new Stack with the GlusterFS service from the catalog succeeds but it seems that something fails during container creation.

FYI, we’ve made a fix for GlusterFS catalog item so it works on RancherOS and is compatible with systems that don’t have fuse loaded.

@MichaelF25 Can you confirm it would work for your setup?