Rancher Release - v0.49.0

Release v0.49.0


New Features

Known Major Issues

  • Rancher catalog doesn’t load properly with https [#2943]
  • Rancher catalog for convoy-gluster is displaying error when checking for upgrade [#2945]

Major Bug Fixes since v0.47.0

  • Improved Rancher DNS configuration by reducing the amount of DB queries when new entries are added. The expectations are that as services/container grow, it should not impact DNS configuration performance [#2939]
  • Fixed an issue where unhealthy containers will no longer be discoverable via DNS. It will also allow unhealthy containers to continue to discover other healthy services [#2890]
  • Added support for upgrading inactive Rancher services [#2888, #2650]
  • Fixed an issue where you could not upgrade load balancers [#2886]
  • Added GlusterFS support for RancherOS [#2866]
  • Fixed an issue where the admin was able to see all stacks from all environments and user would see no stacks when logging in [#2826, #2861]
  • Fixed an issue where Exoscale hosts could not be created [#2818]
  • Fixed an issue where a colon “:” in the password would fail authentication. [#2800]
  • Fixed an issue where docker images with a “.” would fail to start [#2724]
  • Fixed an issue where containers stats would not show for containers on RancherOS [#2510]
  • Fixed issues where system labels in the UI will now be properly processed. This was preventing clone/upgrading services from being executed due to missing labels. [#2550, #2342]
  • Fixed an issue where External Services would “select” Rancher Services. This is no longer available [#2271]
  • Added better error code reporting when using LDAP [#1941]
  • Fixed an issue where Rancher was allowing multiple Docker registries with the same URL to be added [#1893]
  • Fixed an issue where users can now create their own API keys [#1163]
  • rancher-compose: Added support upgrading inactive Rancher services via CLI [#2904]

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