Gnome Graphical Console will not start at boot

I have the “Use graphical console” option checked under Boot Loader Settings > Kernel Parameters. However when I boot my SLES15SP2 virtual machine it will not start the graphical console. I can log into the console and start it with “init 3” then “init 5”. Any help appreciated.

@Jamie Hi and welcome to the Forum :slight_smile:
That option is for GRUB graphical, not the desktop, by default SLES will boot to the tty/console (runlevel 3), for graphical (runlevel 5) target, you need to set this option as follows;

Runlevel 5
systemctl set-default
Runlevel 3
systemctl set-default

This did not help unfortunately. Is there a log that would indicate what is happening?

@Jamie Hi, so what does the output show from systemctl get-default?
Logs for Xorg should be down in /var/log to see what is what.

I think I see my error now. I was following your reply “system set-default” then “systemctl set-default”. So it works if I use the parameter only. Thanks for the help.