How to reactivate Gnome?

I am using SLES 12 and have changed the DISPLAYMANAGER from gdm to console, to do some work. I thought, change the file displaymanger back to gdm, the Gnome will start after reboot. The system still booting in console mode.
How can I activate Gnome starting automatically?

Thx for info

I reply myself: startin’ yast in console mode, and enable the service. Startin’ via yast - no problem. GUI is usable.
After the reboot, the displaymanager doesn’t start the gui. Checking the services manager the display-manager ist Enabled/Inactive. How can I change that the display-manager will started Enabled & active?

To set the graphical session to start (aka init/runlevel 5);

systemctl set-default

For console session to start (aka init/runlevel 3);

systemctl set-default

You can press ctrl+alt+F1 to get to a console, press alt+ctl+F7 to get
back to the GUI.

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Thx for the reply: the shortcuts running fine…
I have started the gdm with yast–> service Manager. Setting the default: systemctl set-default
Rebooted the system. Unfortunately the gdm is not started.
See the yast service manager display manger: Disable/Inactiv:

Another idea?

Disabled is correct, if you tab to the ‘D’ for details, what does it say?

And if you use YaST /etc/sysconfig editor and check under Desktop → Display manager → DISPLAYMANAGER this is set to gdm?