Gnome3 refuses to start without COMPOSITE extension

Does anyone know a workaround to get SLES12 to work with remote X-Servers that don’t have the COMPOSITE extension?

We’re using Netsarang’s XManager (which works really well) and gnome-session refuses to start, because it doesn’t find this extension.

This is probably also the reason why Xrdp is broken in SLES12.
Unfortunately, SLES12 ships only GDM (xdm doesn’t count) and Gnome3 as a full DE.

I know there are workarounds for situations where the GLX ext is missing (which gnome3 also requires), but I didn’t find a lot wrt COMPOSITE.

Does anyone know?

The last resort would probably ripping out GDM/Gnome3 and completely replacing it with some other DE, though I would prefer to stay as “supported” as possible.


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