GnuCash close unexpectedly on 64bit SP3

HI All,

I’m using SLED11 SP3 64 bit with gnome only. I’ve successfully created a file for my personal finance with gnuCash (installed from SLED repo). But every time it close unexpectedly whenever I’ve tried to add some data on it (for example: Open account).

Can any one tell me what will i need to fix this. I can’t do any thing with GnuCash.

Please help me to fix this.


I’m afraid I can’t tell you what to do to fix it, but I can tell you that I can recreate the problem, which suggests there is something wrong with the gnucash package in SLED 11 SP3. There are no updates for that package, just the one that SLED 11 SP3 shipped with. Are you able to raise a Service Request? If you can, that’s the best thing to do. (

Otherwise you could try installing a third party version. I can’t just find a suitable one though. There’s a SLE 11 package for 2.3.15 at but it requires updated versions of a few other packages which aren’t available in the same repo.

Hello Mikewillis,

I can’t raise a SR, I’ve SLED Basic Subscription.


You could try raising it as a bug at
Be sure to provide as much detail as you can including clear instructions for how to recreate the problem. Assume you are explaining it to someone who knows nothing about how to use gnucash.

Hi Mikewillis,

Thanks for this.

I’ve submitted the problem.

Hope the SUSE team will take care this issues.