SR# 10755754451

I opened this SR on 03/27/2012.

When I opened this SR I informed the Support that we only starting facing this issue after installing SLE 11 SP2 x864, before we were running SLE 11 SP1 on the same HW for almost 6 to 7 months without any problem.

Almost after 10 days of opening this SR they asked me to update the Firmware to fix this issue(though I have informed them that on the same machine I was running SLE 11 SP1 without any problem). As per their request I update the Firmware without luck, i.e I am still facing the same issue.

on May 16th, to fix the issue, support asked me to use a workaround, that I am already aware and practicing since April 06th.

I then complain the Support about the level of support and their behavior on Thursday(17th May), but no reply received yet.

Muhammad Sharfuddin

Hi Muhammad, I recommend you call into the general Support number and
ask to review this SR with the Support Team Manager. Thanks for the
feedback on it.

Todd Abney
Technical Support Director


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