Google chrome on SUSE Linux Eterprise Desktop 11SP2

Hello All,
I am new to SUSE. I am using 11SP2 version of SUSE Enterprise Desktop. I want to install google chrome on this. Please let me know where I can get rpm / package for it. I am also could not able to upgrade my firefox. Currently it is showing firefox ESR 10.0 which is very old.

Please help.

Hi gajubhai,

[QUOTE=gajubhai;27963]I am using 11SP2 version of SUSE Enterprise Desktop. […] Currently it is showing firefox ESR 10.0 which is very old.

Please help.[/QUOTE]

well, SLED11SP2 is pretty old, too. The latest SLED11 service pack is SP3, while the latest version is SLED12…

Updating outside the distro channels will leave you with an unsupported system (as does running old versions), is there any need to stick with SP2, rather than updating to SP3?

I’ll leave the Chrome questions to those with more experience with SLED, I’m more of a SLES guy :wink:


SLE 11 SP2 is way out of support, most versions on the newer web
browsers required updated too-chains and libraries which won’t work
with SP2, upgrade your system…

If you have an active subscription to updates then you should upgrade,
unless you have LTSS, then any security issues are back ported.

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Thanks for your reply Jens.

Unfortunately I didn’t subscribed for SLED11. Will I able to still migrate to SLED12? If yes, I will be really thankful to you if you can guide me for the same.

I hope there will not be any data loss in this upgradation.

Unfortunately I didn’t subscribed for SLED11.[/QUOTE]

There’s no point in using SLED unless you buy a subscription. Without a subscription you won’t get any updates, including security updates. If you had a subscription you would have a newer version of Firefox via the update channels.

I advise you either buy a subscription or install openSUSE instead.

Can anybody help me with google chrome rpm for SLED 11SP3?

Hi gajubhai,

the OSS version is called called chromium, but there no current build for SLE-11 SP3 on

You might want to contact a maintainer (see i.e. there and ask to include that platform into the regular builds.


I am still struggling to get chromium loaded on SLED 11SP3. Can anybody let me know step by step procedure for the same?

As far as I’m aware Google Chrome or Chromium haven’t worked on SLED 11 SP3 since version 13 when Google changed the library version requirements to versions newer than are included with SLED 11 SP3. (See

Based on your original post, it appears that maybe your only reasons for wanting Chrome/Chromium is because you have a very out of date version for Firefox, and that is because you haven’t installed any updates, and that is because you don’t have a subscription for SLED. Is there a reason you want Chrome/Chromium apart from because you don’t have a subscription to SLED?

As I advised in my previous reply, if you have a subscription for SLED you’ll get latest Firefox ESR via the Updates channel and if you don’t have a subscription for SLED then you shouldn’t use SLED. (Try openSUSE.) It is not sensible to use an OS for which you are unable to get any updates.

You can get a trial code which gives you access to updates for 60 days by clicking on ‘60 day free trial’ at