Guide to install RancherOS on Linode

Hi all,

Just wanted to share a script + instructions that I made for getting RancherOS installed on Linode:

Let me know if this is (or isn’t) working for you!


A minimal example for a cloud-config.yml (for RancherOS nebies like me) would be appreciated!

Anyway, I followed along, and ends with"Error: file `/boot/vmlinuz-v0.8.1-rancheros’ not found.". Any ideas? No obvious errors in the install leading up to this.

The linked guide worked perfectly for me just now, thanks Robbert!

Hi @ianmjones, good to hear! What version of RancherOS did you install? I actually thought recent versions have a new installer and the Linode install method would therefore no longer work…

I followed the guide to the letter except I think I specified -d /dev/sda as well as the cloud-config.yml when running the script, and so got the latest version, RancherOS 1.1.0.