HA cluster failure on AWS

I am new to both Rancher and K8s.

I walked through the Rancher HA documentation and deployed a 3-node cluster on AWS with a Layer 4 Load Balanced configured.

Everything indicates that the deployment was successful, but I am having issues with certificates. When I go to the sit after install (https://ranger.domain.net), I am prompted with an untrusted site warning. I accept the risk , then the page just hangs. I can see the rancher favicon, but the page never loads.

I opted for the self-signed certs to get it up and running. My AWS NLB is just forward 443 and 80 to the target groups and not using a ACM provided cert.

I checked these two settings per the documentation:

$ kubectl -n cattle-system describe certificate
No resources found in castle-system namespace.
$ kubectl -n cattle-system describe issuer
No resources found in castle-system namespace.

Describe issuer originally showed what looked like appropriate output, but that is no longer showing anything.

I rand this command:

$ kubectl get pods --namespace cert-manager
NAME                                                               READY         STATUS       RESTARTS          AGE
cert-manager-**********-*****                             1/1                Running       0                           34m
cert-manager-caininjector-**********-*****         1/1                Running       0                           34m
cert-manager-webhook-**********-*****             1/1                Running       0                           34m

At this point, I am beyond my experience and would appreciate some pointers on how to troubleshoot this.