Hardware monitoring with RancherOS standalone

Hi, I’m about to install RancherOS to a bare metal device (NUC) for a home IOT project. I want to be able to monitor the hardware somehow and as its not in a cluster or anything I trying to figure how to do this. I’ve used Linux lm-sensor package before so ideally would want to us this.

Is it feasible to install and configure lm-sensor in the RancherOS console (I use Ubuntu console) and it survive reboots?

In the past I’ve periodically written lm-sensor data to syslog and exported these elsewhere for reporting/alerting (e.g. Azure Log Analytics).

Would all of this be possible using RansherOS ?

Can I install lm-sensor and monitor hardware ?
Can I install Azure OMSAgent and connect to Azure ?
Is there a better, alternative way of doing this ?