Hardware requirement of Harvester for production env

Hello EveryOne,

May be it is a basic question and I read the docs also about it, but I do some testing of this on our current hardware and I see that may be my servers are not enough powerfull for this stuff.

Let’s explain:
We have currently 3 pcs DELL PE m610 blade servers in a BLadeCenter. Each servers with 2 XEON CPU (8core 2 GHz) and 192 GB RAM, RAID1 SSD 512GB, 2x10GbE Broadcom Ethernet, 2 x 1 Gbe Ethernet
These servers was get out from our prod cluster (16pcs servers in BladeCenter installed with Ubuntu Server OS and OpenStack on it) to test, so the hardware is tested and everything (bios, raid card fw, ethernert fw, etc.) is up to date on it.

I have installed Harvester on the above 3 servers on bare metal and it was very slow to install, slow after the boot process to start all the services and the management portal and CPU load is very high on the servers. The CPU reservation on the gui is 5.3 from 8 cores.

I think may be I did something wrong, but may be not and this is the overhead of Harvester, Longhorn, K3.

What is your experience with your hardwares, is this the real situation or I did something wrong, when I have installed it?