VM Creation Time

Hey All,

New to Harvester and I’m working on a “Frankenstein” HCI project to test Harvester out. What is normal start up time for a VM? Has anyone had the experience of VMs taking more than an hour to start? I’m working on spinning up a Centos 8 VM and it’s clocked at 15 hours still in the “starting” phase. I’m assuming this is a hardware issue as the machines I’m using are old desktops.

Current Setup (hence frankenstein):
3 nodes
Dell Optiplex 790 - i3 4Gb ram
Dell Optiplex 330 - Pentium Dual Core 2Gb ram
HP Pavillion Slimline s5220y - Pentium E5300 2Gb ram

Totally understand if the solution is “get actual servers” but any additional ideas on how to get past the “starting” phase would be awsome.

It’s certainly not measured in hours.

Yes, the shape of the case doesn’t matter as far as “actual servers”, but “machines with modern processors” is a problem.

Guessing a bit since only you only list one actual CPU model, but these look like 10-13 year old CPUs and I think at least 2 of 3 are lacking support for even basic the virtualization (VT-x) needed to run VMs.

When testing Harvester on a small old machine without enough disk space I found that spinning up VMs took an infinite amount of time (the VM never started).

So for a home lab I bought a NUC sized PC with a 8 core AMD CPU, threw in 64GB RAM and a 2TB SSD. Harvester is ticking along nicely and VMs start in seconds.

I might buy another just to see how well a cluster works.