Hardware Resource Planning

Was searching through the site and forum but could not find anything on hardware resources. All I got to go on is the 100MB install iso… haha

What should I give the power to? What might need extra space?

I’m totally guessing but assuming a little extra space for the server for log files… updates and image downloads… ?? So I gave the rancherOS that I will load rancher server on 80GB and the workers 10GB of hard drive space each. Just need minimums recommend here since important data will be on persistent storage.

Then RAM… should I give more to the server? or to the workers? I assumed 16GB for the server then 8GB each for the three workers I have.

Also what uses more disk I/O? Server or Workers?

Lastly CPU… here I am assuming the workers need more CPU than the server… or no? one vCPU for all and let VMWARE deal with allocating it? =)