Hawk / virtual-ip question

Running a 2-node cluster on OpenSuse Leap 15.5 with sbd fencing and hawk-ip as resources, I am stuck with the configuration of the virtual ip:
ring 0 is configured in network.
host 1 is
host 2 is
virtual ip is set to brd
I can see on eth0 the secondary ip on the cluster node where resource is running and it is moving when migrating the role.
But there are difficulties reaching the hawk-ui over this IP.
I did change the hawk certs and created a DNS setting that matches the name in the certificate, but there are situations where I cannot contact the Web-UI (page cannot be displayed)
I do see tls handhake errors when monitoring hawk.service, but not sure if this is related because they appear even when connection is established and site is called over host-ip address.
Even arp change on client looks as expected:
When migrating hawk-ip, the arp change is advertised to the client.
Hawk-UI is reachable through host ip, though
tried differnet browser, no cure (eventhough result in Edge is worst)

Any ideas appreciated.

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