Heath checks being distributed outside the stack - service stays in "Initializing" state

I have a catalog of services that deploy app server on 3 hosts and load balancer on 2 hosts; the load balancer has a health check on port 80. When the stack is deployed, sometimes the load balancer is stuck in “Initializing” state.

Inspection of > “/etc/healthcheck/healthcheck.cfg” file on the rancher agents shows that the hosts in the current stack has health check rules set for a stack that was previously deployed. I am assuming that is because Rancher was not able to setup the health check on 3 agents in the previous stack.

Current Stack

LB 1 ->
LB 2 ->

App Server 1 ->

App Server 2 ->

App Server 3 ->

Different Stack

LB 1 ->
LB 2 ->

is it possible to setup rules within Rancher to setup health checks on hosts within the same stack?