Helm : Questions.yml usage with Rancher 2.5 UI


With Rancher 2.5 UI, i want personalize my helm charts.
I would like to know if the creating of user-friendly form, button should always performed with the questions.yml file (cf Rancher Docs: Tutorial: Example Custom Chart Creation)

When i check the https://git.rancher.io/charts (release-v2.5 branch) repository related to Rancher Chart, the file is missing (rancher-monitoring for example) although an user-friendly form is available on the UI.

Do you some information on this topic?


So, i tested with a questions.yml file & it works!

Monitoring (and some of our other product/feature charts) have specific support built into the UI so they don’t use questions. There’s 3 “levels” depending on what’s present: custom component, questions, and just a yaml editor.