Exist some training for creating Catalogs 2.0?

I’m trying to understand how to do the creation and maintenance of YML files for Rancher Catalog 2.0.

I was able to find some material that serves as an example, but it is very different from Rancher 1.x. I would like to understand if there is the same dynamism of before, to understand how to plan the use of the templates and etc. A video, even basic, but focused on the catalog there on the Rancher’s YT channel. It would be very much appreciated. I’m exploring the material that jgreat presented, but still a little lost.

Thank you


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I would also be interested in this, or at least some document that explains the rancher unique parts of this process, such as the questions.yml. I was able to figure out most of what I needed from the helm documentation, but particularly I’m hoping for some simple service type selection as there was in rancher 1.6.

I dug a lot this week, I tried to figure it out.
I found the used Charts in Rancher 2.0 GitHub - rancher/charts
And I found this documentation. https://github.com/kubernetes/helm/tree/master/docs
And this tutorials https://kubernetes.io/docs/tutorials/example-tutorial-template/

But there is nothing official about Rancher templating. As I already understood the basics of 1.6.x I was able to merge what I dug with what I already knew. The questions.yml file was the friendliest.

Here I was able to set up a functional Chart this week. I think for lay people something very complicated, you have to read a lot.

It would be great if Rancher could generate templates based on something we put together on Rancher itself. Just like Helm does.

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Thank you @MichelDiz I’m gonna check that all out.