Helm remote repo list from rancher helm repositories

Version: Rancher 2.6 and RKE v1.22.9

When running Rancher with k3s in a docker container on a server and managing a k8s RKE v1.22.9 cluster, I’ve been using the Rancher web GUI to add Helm repositories, install charts via helm and other helm management features. I have the k8s cluster KUBECONFIG setup such that I can run set the cluster locally on my PC and run kubectl commands for various k8s operations like, apply, delete, etc.

When using helm, I can view the helm charts installed and running on the cluster with helm ls --all-namespaces, although I cannot see the any of the repos that have been registered with the cluster with helm repo list

cj@cj-Z:~/.kube|⇒  helm repo list                
Error: no repositories to show

Is there a way to set this up so that Helm can see these repositories added to the k8s cluster? I’m not sure if it is configuration of rancher or helm that is needed, or is this a quirk of how helm works?

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I have a similar issue.

I have limited permissions on Rancher to just some namespaces. I have “helm ls -n ” and get the correct answer, but if I issue “helm repo list” I get repo from local machine (my laptop) not from the cluster I’m pointing to (Im using a alias: alias helm=‘helm --kubeconfig=/home/sandro/.kube/config.rancher -n taskmanager-stg’)

Any hints?