How to set external DNS

Hello there,

So I’m really new in this rancher world, so please be kind :slight_smile:

I have currently 4 servers :

  • 1 with Rancher
  • 2 containers hosts connected to the rancher server
  • 1 for DNS purpose only, not connected to rancher server

So I’d like to know what must be my DNS configuration if I want to use a single domain like * for my 2 containers hosts servers.

Should I set something like that :
mydomain .com. IN A 54.XX.XX.171 // Container server #1
mydomain .com. IN A 54.XX.XX.172 // Container server #2
* IN CNAME mydomain .com.

Or should I write only the rancher IP server and then the load balancer will return to the visitor the correct server?
Thank you