Nginx on 3 nodes load-balanced

Hello Rancher community!

I am pretty new to rancher and would love some assistance after searching for days a way to have nginx webserver run on my cluster.

My setup is internal and hosted on my machines at home:

Rancher Server (not running agent on this one)
Node1 (etcd + controlplane + worker)
Node2 (etcd + controlplane + worker)
Node3 (etcd + controlplane + worker)
FreeIPA1 (with DNS service)
FreeIPA2 (with DNS service replication)

I have my local domain, lets call it home.local and I would like to deploy nginx webserver so it runs on any of the nodes using an NFS storage share for the HTML stuff.

The difficulties I have is the understanding of the loadbalancer, isn’t it supposed to redirect a certain subdomain (www.home.local) to the respective Node with the running nginx or am I missing the point?

Nomatter if I try using NodePort or a L7 loadbalancer I can’t seem to get it to work.
I point www.home.local to the IP of the rancher server as I expected it to do the routing, is this correct?
Because all I get is the rancher UI opening instead of the Node with nginx webserver.

The only thing that I managed to get working is having Gitlab run ONLY on Node2 and point the DNS gitlab.home.local to Node2 IP but in the end I would love to have rancher deploy the Pod on any other available Node in case of a Node going down.

Can someone please enlighten me what I need to do or what I missunderstood?

Thank you!