Help on getting NFS working - it seems impossible

I’ve installed NFS 0.30 (last version) stack using catalog.
The options are:

MOUNT_OPTS		proto=tcp,port=2049,nfsvers=4	
NFS_SERVER (digitalocean droplet public ip)

The container starts normally and seems to be working fine.
So, then I try to create a simple stack using the NFS with this docker-compose:

version: '2'
    image: nginx
    - bar:/var/bar

    driver: rancher-nfs

And I get this error:

```(Expected state running but got error: Error response from daemon: create aaaa_bar_8fa9a: VolumeDriver.Create: Failed nsenter -t 11437 -n mount -o proto=tcp,port=2049,nfsvers=4 xx.xx.xx.xx:/ /tmp/5ht8d)```

<img src="//" width="690" height="86">

Any idea on this?

The top part is copied from the docker-compose.yml? Best way to troubleshoot is to look in the nfs-driver container logs, and if you can’t find anything useful, run it with RANCHER_DEBUG: 'true'


Even I am facing same issues.
My nfs logs says
Failed to mount jenkinsdata: Failed nsenter -t 48144 -n mount -o ,nfsvers=4 /var/lib/rancher/volumes/rancher-nfs/jenkinsdata

Any idea whats going wrong here.

I got it working. The issue was while creating nfs catalog, I had given “/” for export base directory and in the server I had given /nfs.