Nfs driver problem

I’m having trouble to use the nfs storage driver added via Rancher UI.
When I try to use it via docker-compose, it does not work :

time=“2017-11-23T15:03:40Z” level=error msg=create.response error=“Failed mount -o ,nfsvers=4 mob-1:/xxx/xxx/xxx /tmp/vvxiz” message=“Failed mount -o ,nfsvers=4 mob-1:/xxx/xxx/xxx /tmp/vvxiz” name=“XXX” status=Failure
time=“2017-11-23T15:04:35Z” level=info msg=create.request name=“XXX”

Any idea?

What version of Rancher and the nfs-driver are you using? Can you manually mount shares on the host? Is mob-1 resolvable within the containers? Does the server support NFS version 4?

I don’t know the error message I got, but maybe it’s the same.
nfs volume will fail if a named docker volume with the same name exists.

That was my problem during start with rancher nfs

@superseb, I’m using rancher 1.6.11, the nfs driver from the catalog and yes, I can share directly on the host. mob-1 resolvable from containers? probably.
Not sure about server supporting nfs 4.