Planning a RancherOS + Rancher K8 cluster

How do I provide NFS volume drivers to my K8 containers?

Are containers going to launch fresh on each node using local storage and attach to persistent network volumes for their data, or are containers going to have their rw layer stored on the network volume as well? ie: Are containers stopped and started on different machines, or are containers removed on one machine and relaunched (run) from another?

The difference between the two options above is that RancherOS would need access to NFS for storing the cotainers volumes on the NFS share if the container would be stopped and restarted on different servers, OR RancherOS would never itself see the NFS share and the docker volume driver would supply mounted NFS volumes to containers, but if the containers needed to be moved from host1 to host2 they would be stopped and removed, and run from scratch on the 2nd host.

The difference between the two conceptually goes to container design, configuration files and startup scripts to define the state of the container data volumes - or to whether we can expect a container run state (its rw layer) to be thing that is portable between hosts.

Please help me understand what a RancherOS + Rancher(K8) cluster expects.

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