Homelab - Rancher on VMware


I’m learning docker using Rancher on my homelab server (ESXI 6.5) and I have a strange (and I presume unnatural) situation.

I recently setup a new VM with RancherOS v1.1.0 (4.9.45), docker 17.03.2-ce and the Rancher 1.6.10. I tested with logitech squeezeboxserver docker and then desactivated this container. Then I have setup an Debian GNU/Linux 9 (4.9.0) with docker 17.09.1-ce as a dedicated machine for HASS.io (home-assistant docker implementation). It was great to that I could import that debian/docker in Rancher (it is marked untested docker version but it seems to work on docker level).

The debian is running well (low cpu and memory) according ESXi.
But Rancher goes very high in CPU from the moment that it has to survey one or both hosts (RancherOS without non-rancher containers, Debian with Hass,IO and 5 containers (mosquitto etc)). It does not matter what host.

I think it is unreal (host CPU utilisation goes from 30 to 100%) so I think a misconfiguration from my side.
Both VM Hosts have VMware tools installed.

Any idea?