What happened to RancherVM (kvm)?

I played around with the kvm rancher virtual machine containers a while back. I can’t seem to enable VM’s in the current Rancher version (1.3.1). Just curious if this concept was abandoned or if it is still alive?

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It didn’t make it into the reorganization/rewrite of everything as separate services for 1.2.x, but similar functionality will be back in a future release.

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Cool, thanks for the update.

Do you have a favorite substitute for the time being?

RancherVM was not in 1.2.x, but the current stable version at this time is 1.6.12.

Is RancherVM supported in 1.6.12+?
Will there be a RancherVM in the 2.x line?

I really hope so, as I would like to use mostly docker containers where possible, but run a couple VM’s for the rare things are not available in docker containers: VOIP PBX servers come to mind.

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RancherVM isn’t support in 1.6.12+.

It won’t be an immediate priority for us in 2.x, but there is always some interest for it, so we’ll just have to see how that pans out. The nice thing is that Rancher 2.0 is fully built on top of k8s and there are efforts in the k8s ecosystem to do very similar things (see virtlet and kubevirt). So, hopefully we or our users will be able to leverage those efforts.

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Thank you for the update. Now I can’t wait for the beta to try out Rancher 2.x + virtlet or kubevirt. :smile: