Host on vSphere static IP Address

I have created a host successfuly on vSphere using the Rancher vSphere driver. However, I am after two things please.

  1. How can I set a static IP Address of the host (and gateway)
  2. How can I enable vmtools by default


Through my searching I am thinking this is not a current feature.

Where can I go to add a feature request please?

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Same request here. In Rancher 2.0 I’d like to be able to provide a static IP to some of the nodes (Control / etcd, workers are adressed using DHCP in my case) when using the vSphere driver. Is this currently possible? Any future plans?

There is a way to pass extra options to the vsphere machine driver and configure the NICs among other things, but 2.0 makes node pools and having a template that defines a static IP doesn’t really make any sense since it can’t be reused.