Hosted Rancher?

Hi Rancher team,

Thanks for building such an awesome product! A definite no-brainer for self-hosted Docker solutions. However it would even more awesome if there was a cloud based version.

We are currently using Tutum in our startup, but I really like the fact that Rancher can be deployed as a simple Docker container and is open source.

Are there any plans in the future pipeline for a a hosted Rancher service similar to what’s provided by Tutum?

Hi @yunspace,

Thanks so much for trying out Rancher and for your comments as well. Internally, we have been discussing plans (since we went Beta in June earlier this year) to potentially launch a SAAS version of Rancher after we ship 1.0 GA (tentatively scheduled for Jan 2016). Currently, we are focused on making sure 1.0 GA has all the necessary features for a full stack Docker management platform along with GA stability before we attempt a SAAS version. Please continue to check back with us as you are not the only one interested in this.

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