Hosted Rancher available?

Glancing at Rancher it looks like it may be a good replacement for Docker Cloud which has been end of lifed. However, it appears that I need to install/run Rancher on a node that I manually manage. Does Rancher (or a third party) offer hosted Rancher for a fee?

My problem with hosting rancher myself is that I’ll set it up today and then when something goes wrong or I need to upgrade Docker in1-2 years I will have completely forgotten what I did to get it setup/working. This was the major selling point of Docker Cloud for me, the GUI made it so I could walk away from a Docker Cloud project for 6 months and upon my return click around in the UI for 1-2 minutes and figure out what I needed to do. Docker Cloud also dealt with Docker upgrades for me so I didn’t have to deal with that myself.

Looking at Rancher, it appears that once I have the Rancher management node setup it can provision and manage my other nodes, but that leaves me in the uncomfortable position of having to still manage the management node by hand.


I’m in the same situation and looking forward to an alternative to Docker cloud. Maybe Rancher is an option and I would prefer a hosting service, too.

We do not have a hosted SaaS that is intended for serious use. There is an install hosted at that anybody can use, but as the name implies it is for trying it out and there is no support or guarantee of availability. (In particular or will probably be replaced with a try2 for 2.0 in the nearish future and original try turned off eventually).

Its’ been a while but as far as I remember Tutum/Docker cloud didn’t handle OS updates of the nodes, so it being that hands-off is only nominally true (especially recently with Spectre/Meltdown).

We are offering that service at

I’m so glad you asked this question @micah.zoltu, and I realize its been a while since, but Rancher now has a hosted offering! The goal of hosted Rancher is to make it even easier to leverage Rancher to manage your Kubernetes clusters. Please check it out and let me know what you think!