hosts: files dns missing from /etc/nsswitch.conf

Hi, hope someone can explain why this could have happened before I spend any more time…
I’ve built SLES11SP2 xen hosts from autoyast (autoyast is just from the “clone” at the end of the install)
the entry:
hosts: files dns
appears to have gone missing from /etc/nsswitch.conf on the machines built from the autoyast.
The line is there on the machine the autoyast was taken.

Could a patch have removed the line?
I guess it “should” be there?


Yes, it should probably be there.
Do you have the same version of the RPM glibc installed on the original and the “clone” machine?

What does rpm -qV glibc say - is the package untouched or modified?

Without the hosts entry in nsswitch, it can sometimes do hosts resolution (including localhost), and sometimes can’t.
rpm -qv glibc

rpm -qV glibc

Sorry, that gives no output on either the host built by autoyast or the original host.

Strange, as the RPM package contains the /etc/nsswitch.conf file in it’s original form - with the “hosts: files dns” line in it.
If the -qV (verify) option does not show any difference compared to the rpm database, then the file is untouched after installation and should contain the line.

As the rpm does not have any pre/postinstall scripts, some other package or autoyast function changes the file.

Did you have a look at the autoyast.xml? I checked one quickly, but found no entries which could interfere with nsswitch.conf settings…