How Agents identify/communicate with new Rancher server


I have setup Rancher environment in AWS and added hosts to my environment.

By i have question here, what happens if hosts running rancher servers is terminated and new one is built.

For example: there will be new GOLD image generated every 10 days and i have to launch new instance running rancher server with new gold image and terminate the old one.

In this scenario,

  1. what happens to the existing running rancher agents?
  2. How can they identify/know that new rancher servers is created?
  3. How can the running agents communicate with the new rancher server.

If you’re running in the default configuration, the database is inside the server container and if you delete and replace the instance it will be a new empty database. So you would want the DB running on an external host/RDS.

Servers connect to the configured registration URL. Use a DNS entry or floating IP to keep it pointed at the current server.