How can I see the owner of a container?

My team is sharing a single environment. On any given day, we want to know who created, is running, or has forgotten about each of the containers in our environment.

I think this information can be gleaned from the (audit) logs, but is there an easier way? Does a container have “properties” that include the container’s owner?


Currently the only way would be through the audit logs, but I’d suggest making an enhancement request in Github.

Thanks, Denise. We discovered that each container takes a free-form description at deploy time. We are using the field as a workaround.

@Christopher_Redekop Hi we have exact same setup, we share the same environment with many users (devops), we have gone away from the single/few “operators” that do all the deployments, it becomes quickly a bottleneck for the organisation.

So we also need a way to use same rancher environment with common policies and “watch each other”, therefore I posted same question here

The audit log is nice … but too complicated for the daily use case. I would like to see the Author, creation date, Last Modified directly on the UI of each Stacks, Containers and Hosts…

@demarant For the UI request, I’d suggest making a Github request. Depending on the feedback from users, we can look into prioritizing it.

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