Rancher UI read only user cannot view container configuration


I see some good enhancement in latest rancher where you can view the container environment configuration and other advanced options without doing clone/upgrade. But it is useless if you are not allowing read only user to view it. Only Member/Owner can view the configuration and what is the purpose of read only user? Is there any workaround?

Below values are not visible to read only user.

@garjunan - I tested this with our latest release and the info was the same for both read-only and admin users. There is a bug where if you have Auto Restart set to Always, it says “no” on details page. I entered an issue in gihtub for that. Here is a reference if you want more info: https://github.com/rancher/rancher/issues/8469


I am not worrying about autorestart status whether it is true or no. My concern is Read users should be able to view ENVIRONMENT variables which is not shown for read only users.

Is this bug or intent to be like this?