How can I see which user has created a stack/service/container?

As an admin within a Rancher environment I would like to see which member has created a certain Stack or Service or Container and at what time it was first created. Especially important when you have more than a few people working within the same environment (we are a team of around 20 devops using same rancher server).

I haven’t seen this in the UI, it would be very useful to see this metadata via the UI. For now I would like to see username and creation time for Stack, Service and Container.

Otherwise, is there a way to grab this info via the API?

In the API, almost every object has a resource field of created, which is the date/time that the resource was created.

We have a feature that should be coming in the next week or two regarding Audit Logs which will provide who did what.

thanks that is great!