Rancher Release - v0.47.0

Release v0.47.0


New Features

  • Rancher User Interface V2 [#2111] - With this release, an updated version of the Rancher UI is now available. More improvements will continue to be added with each release. The highlights of this initial release are:

    • A revamped Application/Stacks UI (still work in progress but would love feedback in forums)
    • A “Summary” pop-up view per Service that allows you to see additional information without having to view each Service in detail. In this view, you can right click on the container icons to get the container dropdown.
    • Service sidekicks should be easier to find now. In the Host view, you can right click on a sidekick to get the container dropdown.
    • Stacks are now sorted by its “state” but you now have options to sort them alphabetically. Search filters to follow shortly to quickly allow you to find your Stack.
    • Services with any published ports will now be more visibly shown and will automatically open a new tab/window when clicked.
    • You can more easily move between Stacks in the Stack Detail view. A search filter has been added there.
    • The Stack Relationship View has been updated to include arrows!
    • The Stack Relationship View objects are now all clickable to show Service Summary details.
    • The Host/Container/Service Detail view have been updated.
    • “Start-Once” containers no longer show “red” when stopped. This usually applies to data containers.
    • Under the Service detail, each container will now show which host it is running on and can be clicked into to show more details.
  • EXPERIMENTAL: Rancher Managed Persistent Storage Services [#2574] - Rancher now supports the capability of managing generic storage services (with GlusterFS as the first experimental implementation) along with Convoy drivers to allow users to deploy services/containers with native Docker volumes using these storage services transparently. With this initial release, the feature is limited to the following:

    • GlusterFS stack can only be deployed once per Rancher Environment.
    • Convoy-Gluster stack can only be deployed once per Rancher Environment.
    • Due to this, only a single shared storage pool can be created per Rancher Environment. Each Storage Pool is defined as a collection of hosts, with each host having a single Convoy-Gluster container deployed, that can access the GlusterFS stack.
    • Users are able to create service/containers and models exactly the same behavior as if you deployed a container using native Docker 1.9.1 commands. When creating a new container, the following rules apply:
      • If the volume name (e.g. foo:/path/in/container) is specified with a driver name (e.g. Convoy-Gluster), the container will be deployed on one of the host that belong to the Convoy-Gluster Storage Pool with a new volume “foo” created.
      • If the volume name (e.g. foo:/path/in/container) is specified with or without a driver name and “foo” exists in Rancher, the container will be launched on a host from that Storage Pool that has access to “foo”.
      • If the volume name (e.g. foo:/path/in/container) is specified with NO driver name and “foo” DOES NOT exist in Rancher, it will be created as a local disk volume for that container. At this point, normal scheduling rules apply.

Please visit our recent blog that talks more about our Persistent Storage Service feature with a video that shows how to deploy GlusterFS within Rancher. We will also be fleshing out the feature in the upcoming weeks such as the ability to more reliability scale up/down GlusterFS, Convoy-Gluster, support multiple Shared Storage Services per environment, and to delete volumes.

Known Major Issues

  • UI - Mapped ports of a service are not displayed in inactive state, but the ports are in the API [#2819]

Major Bug Fixes since v0.46.0

  • Fixed an issue where metadata information about hosts were not updated if hosts were deleted from Rancher [#2688]
  • Fixed an issue where a whitespace was inserted between the root cert and its chain and causing parts of the cert to be discarded [#2502]
  • Rancher LB Service can now link to Service Aliases [#2047]
  • Improved LDAP query performances [#1829]
  • rancher-compose: Added support for starting a container from the updated service spec before stopping the old container [#2438]
  • rancher-compose: Fixed an issue where --force-upgrade would cause a service to create new datavolumes [#2518]
  • rancher-compose: Fixed an issue where importing stacks with selectors would cause multiple links to be generated [#2541]
  • rancher-compose: Fixed an issue was health monitoring were also being applied to sidekicks of the original service [#2053]
  • rancher-compose: Fixed an issue where sidekicks would use the same image as the parent service when using build [#2458]

Rancher-Compose Downloads

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