How do I remove a Container Default Resource Limit from a Project?

I can see how to update one after I add it, but if try to save changes with blank fields the changes don’t apply.

A workaround is to create a new Project with no LimitRanges applied and move the namespace to that Project.

However, the namespace does not pickup the Members/Roles associated with that Project on moving. I had to re-add them and until I’d replaced the service account that launches jobs on our cluster those jobs were failing.

I have the same problem. Once I’d entered and then removed Requests on the project level, Rancher 2.7.9 keeps updating LimitRange object with previous values. I’ve found no issue on Rancher GitHub regarding very this bug, but there are some other bugs regarding LimitRange processing over there. Hopefully our problem will be fixed after the limits/requests processing logic has updated.
It took me a while to work out a workaround, but setting CPU and RAM requests to 0 has finally helped.

UPD: I’ve submitted an issue: [BUG] defaultRequest gets values from project's limits if reservations are not filled in · Issue #44396 · rancher/rancher · GitHub