Norman keeps adding LimitRanges

Rancher 2.6.4

We have a LimitRange in place that sets a cpu defaultRequest of 1 and does not specify a default.

After upgrading to Rancher 2.6.4 we periodically find another LimitRange with a GUID-based name that Rancher seems to be creating, with a defaultRequest of 1 as well as a default of 1. This is only happening on the namespace without a default set, and not on other namespaces where the default is set.

A guess. Did Rancher previously not require a default and now it adds one if it’s not there? If so, can anyone point me to release notes or the like where this is explained? What other changes is Rancher making to our cluster? Can it be disabled?

Hope to hear from you


Found this in the rancher logs after the most recent replacement:

2022/04/26 06:03:08 [INFO] Creating limit range {[{Container map map map[cpu:{{1000 -3} {} DecimalSI}] map[cpu:{{1000 -3} {} DecimalSI}] map}]} for namespace xapps

But we did not get new limit ranges in another namespace on the same cluster (prod) or in two namespaces on our test cluster.

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

Turns out rancher was applying LimitRanges that had been applied to the Project containing that namespace.

Which led us to an inability to remove those LimitRanges, detailed in How do I remove a Container Default Resource Limit from a Project?.