How do you specify a specific host for a catalog container?

When I add new containers from the catalog library, it seems to only add it on the last host that I added. Is there a way to specify the host I want to add it to? I can’t seem to find the option anywhere.

I want to add a new item from the catalog to the very first host that I created in rancher.

I’m using rancher v1.1.0-dev5

It looks like the way to do it is to use host labels, but the existing community catalog items don’t seem like they have a way to add host name conditions without forking them and adding them to a private catalog. Is there any other way?

it is not possible. You could launch the stack from the catalog, stop it and clone the services one by one and than re-edit them to assign other scheduling rules…but doesn’t feel very clean approach and quite some manual steps.

I know what you mean exactly.

Therefore I wrote the following post

There is no good way to do this today, but one of the next things we’re working on will be allowing you to customize the ports, labels (which includes scheduling rules) and a few other bits of the template before creating.

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